Why Do You Only Accept Bank Transfer?

We have removed our payment merchant and PayPal due to the high fees they charge us per transaction. By accepting only Bank Transfer as a payment option, we save a lot of money per month and can pass those savings on to you guys in the form of high quality, fresh products at industry leading low prices. Mushroom related products are seen as a high risk products and therefore most payment merchants will not work with companies like ours. Those that do however, charge extra for the risk.

We understand some of you may be hesitant, unable or unwilling to use this method and we totally understand your concerns. We are however, highly trustworthy as hopefully you will have read about or heard from a friend / family member who may have shopped with us in the past. We certainly are not here to take your payment and run, we are available through email INFO@PURELY.GREEN or via DM's on Instagram @Dope.Buds and will endeavour to get back to your questions or comments as fast as we can. Feel free to browse our Instagram comments, speak to any website / youtuber who has reviewed us etc about our integrity should you wish. We hope no one has a bad thing to say about us.  We are genuinely here to help people and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We do understand our word may not be enough for you and we understand entirely. We're sorry that we do not offer any other form of payment method and we hope you can find the products you need elsewhere.

All we ask is that if you are unwilling / unable to use bank transfer as a means of payment to us, that you do not continue with any order with us. We get many orders a day that go unpaid and we have to manually search continuously for payments that of course will never show and that time could be spent helping the many people who email each day with other questions about the products. Thank you very much for your understanding and help in this matter. Saving us time really helps us provide a better service to others who may need it.

Please note, placing an order with us does not take money from your account. It is physically impossible for this to happen and payments have to be made by the customer upon completion of an order with us. Should you receive an order cancellation, these emails are auto-generated and may state that a refund was issued but if no payment was made, of course no refund will be issued.

Should you make payment to us via bank transfer and in the incredibly rare instance the system doesn't pick it up and our manual searches miss it and your order gets cancelled, please do not panic, please just email us where we will ensure your order is reinstated and dispatched on time. Again, human error may occur very rarely but we genuinely are here to help and apologise completely should this happen.

Payments are made to the personal account of myself now our accountant Melissa no longer works for us.. We have had no need for a business account for the past 8 years because we have always used some form of payment merchant. I just thought this was worth a mention as a few people have emailed and asked.

Orders placed are made fresh per order and in most cases we even order in what's needed per order to ensure all items are sterile and viable. 

Thank you all very much for your patience, understanding and help with this matter and we hope the low cost of our high grade products makes up for the few extra steps it takes to transfer payment to us. We genuinely really appreciate it.

Thank you.