Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where’s my parcel, it hasn’t arrived yet? / Next Day shipping Cut-Off

Please be aware that once your parcel leaves us, we don’t control it. It is completely at the mercy of the Royal Mail who state that 1st Class Recorded Mail can take up to 10 working days before they’ll consider it lost. On average we’ve found that parcels are taking 2 working days to reach our customers but some have been known to take up to 9 working days. If you placed your order after 2pm on a Friday, it will not ship until Monday as there’s no post over the weekend as we like to keep our products fresh and safe with us rather than have them sat in a postal depo not moving. Please only contact us for missing parcels after 10 working days has passed as we can only repeat what’s here until then. We hope your order reaches you ASAP, we really do but again, once it has left us, it’s completely down to the Royal Mail to get it to you. Unless otherwise notified, we will always post your order same day if before 2pm or the next day if after that. So far that has never been an issue. The cut off point for Next Day shipping is 2pm. After that your order will ship the following day excluding Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Please note the pandemic has really slowed down shipping times.

​2. Will I get high from any of these products?

Our products are sold as novelty / research items only and are not for human consumption.

3. ​Your email said my order was ready at (insert time) but the label on my product said it was made (later time). What's up with that?

We confirm your order when we print off your name & address for the postage. This process automatically sends you an email that your order is on the way. We then go on to make your oil / vape to your desired specifications and print out a second seal label with that information when the product is ready.

​4. What are the differences between the oil and vape? Like, what different effects can I expect?

We do not advise anyone to consume our products and we do not make claims as to effects and / or medical treatments etc. All products are sold as novelty or research items.

​5. What's the difference between MCT and Hemp Seed Oil?

MCT is a clear liquid with little smell, hemp seed oil is thicker and green with a heavy hemp smell. 

6. Can I give this oil to my pet?

Our products are not sold for consumption of animal or human. 

7. My vape cart is not liquid, it's kinda waxy / hard?

This is perfectly normal for a product this pure. Soaking the coil upright in a sandwich bag submerged in boiled water in a tea cup will turn the wax back into a liquid. 

​8. My Oil has crystals floating around in it, what's up with that?

These oils, just like the vape carts are made with the highest concentrate distilled cannabis sativa L which is naturally in a crystal form. High concentration oils may tend to give up some crystals from solution and they can be seen floating around. This is not the sign of a bad oil, simply the the concentration of CBD is extremely high. Simply soak the bottle in some very hot water for around 10 minutes and shake well before use. This will allow the crystals to fall back into solution. Our oils are made with high purity extract, not a low % extract that has a longer shelf life. We make each oil per order. 

​9. I never got a confirmation / dispatch email from you.

Please check your junk / spam folder or that you have paid properly. We can only confirm orders that have been paid in full for. If you select bank transfer as your chosen payment method at checkout, we cannot take the money from your account, you have to manually transfer it to us. If you paid with VivaWallet and did not wait for the payment merchant to redirect you back to our site, there's a good chance we will not receive your order so please wait to be redirected and a confirmation is on screen that we have your order. If you think your order may not have reached us please get in touch where we will manually sort it out for you. Thank you for your understanding. 

​9. Is this stuff legal?

All our products contain either no, or Limit of Quantification (LOQ.) The lowest analyte concentration that can be quantitatively detected with a stated accuracy and precision of THC are therefore are 100% legal. 

10. Do you sell THC, you know, behind the scenes *wink wink*

No. Absolutely not and while ever it’s illegal we never will. Dope Buds will always remain on the correct side of the law. We have nothing against people who consume THC so feel free to talk to us about your experiences as a lot of customers wish to stray away from THC with CBD but please be aware we do not and will not sell anything illegal here. We do not advise the consumption of our products however. 

11. Can I get a free sample? 

Unfortunately not, no. We still get many emails each day asking for free samples and if we supplied everyone, we’d be out of business. I hope you can understand and appreciate this. 

12. But I’m a YouTuber / influencer?

Again, sorry, no. 3 subscribers and a video that looks like it was shot on a calculator doesn’t make you a YouTuber. Neither do the followers you paid for, that’s right, we always check. ;-) We can't ship you free goods because you're 'about' to set up a YouTube Channel or Instagram page either so please don't ask.

13. If I try it and don’t like it, can I get a refund?

We do not advertise our products for human consumption so again, unfortunately not, no. Due to the nature of the product and freshness being absolutely key, we cannot refund anyone who purchases CBD and finds isn’t for them. We advise a small test purchase before any major investments. 

14. Will this help with my pain / anxiety / other medical issues?

We cannot make claims as to whether or not CBD can or will help you unfortunately. We’re simply not allowed to. We do not advise anyone should consume our products at all. 

15. Do your Pre-Rolls contain tobacco?

Unless otherwise stated, no, no tobacco is used in the making of the Pre-Rolls, just pure hemp flower. 

16. What if I get stopped in the street by the police with the products?

This is a tricky one. First of all, our CBD blends may look, smell & feel just like the illegal THC flower, so any policeman is going to be of course very suspicious if you tell him it’s legal. We advise everyone to be mindful, be aware of how it appears and to show respect to the law and people around them by keeping their CBD flower somewhere private where it cannot be mistaken for something illegal. Please do not cause distress or alarm to members of the public by showing products outside as you will only draw unwanted attention to yourself. Just like you wouldn’t carry a small, clear ziplock baggie of white flour in your pocket, as legal as that actually is, you really shouldn't be carrying or showing the CBD strains in public either. Both look equally illegal. We are not responsible for any problems you face if caught with CBD products. If you are stopped, insist that they test the product to prove it is only LOQ THC CBD. Thanks for your understanding in this matter and for being a responsible member of the CBD community. 

17. Can you send me some product and I’ll pay on payday?

Yes, we actually get asked this question quite frequently and unfortunately no, we cannot do this. Payment is needed before any items are released. 

18. I want to speak to someone, how can I go about this? 

Please send us an email with your contact details and mention you'd like to be called back and someone will call you the very first chance we have. We enjoy speaking with customers and look forward to speaking to you too. 

19. I want to leave a review for your company, where can I do this?

From day one, Dope Buds has relied solely on word-of-mouth advertising. In our opinion that is the best way to advertise in today’s internet driven world. We do not and never will have a Trust Pilot or other review page for two very simple reasons. 1, an extremely poor or scam company can be made to look amazing with easily achievable fake reviews and 2, an incredible and hard working company can be made to look appalling should a rival company wish to, again, write fake reviews. If you still feel you’d like to let people know about your experience with us, feel free to post on your social media or other platforms such as Twitter & Reddit where everyone else can see what you’re saying. We hope that your experience is a positive one with us but should it not be, please reach out to us first before any negative feedback is left so we can satisfy your issues / needs in advance. 

20. How old do you have to be to buy from Dope Buds?

Although CBD doesn’t have an age restriction in the UK just yet, we politely ask that all customers be over 18 years old. 

21. Can I get a discount for ordering more than 1g?

Unfortunately not, no. As of writing this, Dope Buds are the cheapest premium supplier of CBD blends at just £5.99 a gram. If you want a discount, please consider taking advantage of our wholesale which starts at 100g (that can be split over 2 strains at 2 x 50g bags)

22. But what if I buy an ounce?

Again, Dope Buds are the cheapest premium CBD supplier in the U.K. and we sell ounces daily to many people. Please consider wholesale for cheaper prices. We regularly check the prices of any competition to ensure even 28g orders or higher are still the cheapest possible. 

23. Other companies have told me they can’t survive if they were to sell at the same price as you, why can you afford to do it? 

This question is easy. The sheer amount we sell per day. If we were making 2-3 orders a day like other companies, then sure, we couldn’t stay afloat at such a small profit margin. Just getting CBD in to the hands of people who may genuinely want it is all the payment we need. Hopefully via word-of-mouth you’ll have already heard many stories of how Dope Buds gave away free stuff to people in need, how we gave more than was asked for, how we always go above and beyond to ensure people get exactly what they need.

S24. If I order today, how long before I get it?

If you order before 2pm Monday through Friday, Your order will ship the same day from us 1st class recorded or Special Delivery. This is a promise we have yet to break. If you order after 2pm Monday through Thursday your order most probably will ship the next day. If you order after 2pm on Friday or any time Saturday & Sunday, your order will ship with Monday's post. All that being said, once your parcel leaves Dope Buds, we have absolutely no control over how long it will take to reach you unfortunately. Some parcels we ship arrive the next day, most take an average of 2-5 working days (Working days are Monday through Friday only, excluding bank holidays etc) (weekend days are not classed as working days) some parcels have even been known to take upwards of 9 working days. We cannot control how long the Royal Mail will take with your parcel. All we can promise is when we will dispatch it. Sorry about that. Please note because of the pandemic, some parcels are taking a lot longer to reach our customers but this delay is with the Royal Mail as we still, always dispatch orders the same day if it arrives before 2pm or the following day if it arrives after 2pm etc, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

25. Has my order been dispatched yet?

Please see above (19). We have never yet had an issue where post has not left us when we promised it would. We get many emails from people the same day or even the next day asking this question and the answer is always what's stated in number 19 on this list. If there is a problem with dispatch of your items we will let you know. 

26. Where's my tracking number?

Tracking numbers should be attached to your shipping confirmation email. Please allow some time for the code to be scanned into the Royal Mail system. Please do not contact us as soon as you have your shipping confirmation at say, 11pm asking why it doesn't work. It has to be processed by the Royal Mail first. PLEASE NOTE 1st Class Recorded is NOT tracked. If you require tracking throughout the whole system we advise the Special Delivery option at checkout. Tracking numbers are issued with a complete order but we do not ship parcels over a weekend so your code may not go live until Monday if you ordered from Friday 2pm to Monday 2pm. Thank you.

27. Your E-Mail said my parcel is on the way but it's Saturday, I thought you didn't post at weekends?

We don't. When you receive an E-Mail that says "It's on the way" it simply means your order has now been completed, sealed up and is now in our outgoing mail sack for collection. Again, Anything after 2pm may not leave until the following day so if you receive this E-Mail at 10pm, your order has just been finished and will leave the following working day. We are unable to change the wording on these automatic E-Mails as of yet but as soon as the system allows us to we will change it to say "Your order is complete and will dispatch soon." 

28. I paid for next day! Where is it?

Special Delivery is not a guaranteed Next Day, just an aim for day. We're adding this part because unfortunately, some people are placing orders on Friday and Saturday evenings and expecting them to arrive the following morning, we once received an order at 3am Sunday and an email the following lunch time demanding to know why the parcel hadn't arrived. Our shipping times and terms are listed on the website and here in the FAQ. We genuinely wish we could get your items to you ASAP but sometimes it's just not that possible. If your "Where is it?" concern is genuine and you actually haven't received your Special Delivery order in the allotted 1-3 working days, please get in touch. 

29. I need my parcel to be absolutely smell proof. Can you assure me it will be?

Absolutely. Our core values are freshness, quality and discretion. Not that your parcel will ever contain anything illegal but we totally understand some of you might not be home when the parcel gets signed for and you don't want anyone else to know what's inside. We have never had a single complaint yet about how our buds are packaged so rest assured yours will be totally discreet.

30. I get drug tested at...

Our products are not for human consumption.

31. The Royal Mail has delivered my parcel to the wrong address.

If your parcel is showing as delivered or signed for, we cannot do anything for you. We cannot make a claim against them in these instances. Please take this up with the Royal Mail, not us. Please note we cannot and will not send original postage receipts to you as they contain the addresses and postcodes of many other customers and this would be a breach of GDPR which we abide by firmly. If the Royal Mail want you to open a case, explain to them that we (Dope Buds) will not provide the original postage receipt for the above mentioned reason and they have all they need in the tracking number you have for your order. Ask them to provide you with the GPS location of where the parcel was delivered as this is something they must obtain. Thank you for understanding.

32. The Royal Mail still hasn’t delivered my parcel and it’s been (x) amount of days?

First, please contact the Royal Mail with your shipping details and ask if they know anything about it. If not, we will only replace orders, not refund them unless the product you ordered is no longer in stock. We will only replace orders once 30 working days has past due to Covid and Brexit delays with the postal service. 

Got a question that's not here?

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