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If your question is one of the following, 

1. Where’s my parcel, it hasn’t arrived yet? / Next Day shipping Cut-Off

​2. Will I get high from any of these products?

3. ​Your email said my order was ready at (insert time) but the label on my product said it was made (later time). What's up with that?

​4. What are the differences between the oil and vape? Like, what different effects can I expect?

​5. What's the difference between MCT and Hemp Seed Oil?

6. Can I give this oil to my pet?

7. My vape cart is not liquid, it's kinda waxy / hard?

​8. My Oil has crystals floating around in it, what's up with that?

​9. I never got a confirmation / dispatch email from you.

​9. Is this stuff legal?

10. Do you sell THC, you know, behind the scenes *wink wink*

11. Can I get a free sample?

12. But I’m a YouTuber / influencer?

13. If I try it and don’t like it, can I get a refund?

14. Will this help with my pain / anxiety / other medical issues?

15. Do your Pre-Rolls contain tobacco?

16. What if I get stopped in the street by the police with the flower?

17. Can you send me some bud and I’ll pay on payday?

18. I want to speak to someone, how can I go about this?

19. I want to leave a review for your company, where can I do this?

20. How old do you have to be to buy from Dope Buds?

21. Can I get a discount for ordering more than 1g?

22. But what if I buy an ounce?

23. Other companies have told me they can’t survive if they were to sell at the same price as you, why can you afford to do it?

24. If I order today, how long before I get it?

25. Has my order been dispatched yet?

26. Where's my tracking number?

27. Your E-Mail said my parcel is on the way but it's Saturday, I thought you didn't post at weekends?

28. I paid for next day! Where is it?

29. I need my parcel to be absolutely smell proof. Can you assure me it will be?

30. I get drug tested at...

31. The Royal Mail has delivered my parcel to the wrong address.

please see our FAQ page for the answer. We cannot reply to your emails if the question you require has already been answered because we are in high demand and wish to respond to those who cannot find what they need in the FAQ, as fast as possible.

Thank you.