Full Spectrum CBD Vape Carts (NEW)

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Please note packaging may be different but the product will be the same. 

New recipe for bigger hits.

Pineapple Express is a  new addition to the site made with a new recipe and infusion method. Giving bigger clouds, still with the same great strength and flavour. Still no VG / PG / MCT etc. 

Gorilla Glue is the original vape cart, thick, dark, waxy for those who prefer it. 

1 x 0.5ml full spectrum CBD vape cart. (available in broad spectrum by request) 510 thread. Battery mod not included. Made with 96.8% pure CBD extract and terpenes. 

battery mods available here too if needed but not included.

These carts must not be used on the high wattage vape mods, just the pen style batteries. High voltage / wattage will damage the carts. 

Made with full spectrum CBD extract and terpenes, nothing more, nothing less. The absolute strongest possible hit of CBD anywhere from anything. 

Please note, these carts most probably will turn to a waxy consistency but this shouldn’t affect use. It’s impossible to keep something this pure a liquid. The coils are pre-soaked so should work right away and the heat from the coil after each hit will be enough to melt more into the coil.

Should the cart stop producing vapour but there’s clearly some left, simply place the cart into a sandwich bag to keep it waterproof and submerge in boiled water in a tea cup for around 2 minutes to turn the wax back into a liquid and re-soak the coil. This is rare however. 

These items are the same vape carts we offered before just new packaging so those of you guys who tried them can rest assured you’re getting exactly the same high quality and high strength from these products that are made in house by us so we know exactly what goes into them.